Training for Challenge Charity Boxing will be held at the world-famous Leicester Shootfighters gym. Leicester Shootfighters have over 15 years of experience teaching various martial arts. Having previously been voted in the UK’s top five MMA gyms by Men’s Fitness magazine in their ‘Fight Special’, Leicester Shootfighters is the best place to have your white collar experience.

Having already trained over 500 fighters for their white collar experiences, Leicester Shootfighters know exactly how to make sure you get the best out of your experience. You will be welcomed in your welcome meeting by the same people who will go on to be your coaches and will also look after you on your fight night. The aim is simple: safe enjoyable training that helps everyone progress and feel comfortable and ready for fight night.

Challenge Charity Boxing will offer two levels of competition. The idea being people can progress once they have some experience from one level to the next.

Charity boxing

This is the same as white collar boxing, with the same rule set, 16-ounce gloves, and head guard. Suitable for new competitors.

Challenge boxing

Suitable for people who have competed before in white collar boxing, or had previous training. Here the head guard will be optional and the gloves smaller.